The most beautiful flowers grow in the desert

Wild romance, sandy deserts in pretty shades of orange/red that seem to go on forever and, in spite of the drought, exotic plants such as the bright yellow creosote bush. All these images sum up the beauty of Africa, with its fascinating contrasts, rugged landscapes and vibrant colours that captivate us. Our photo shoot in Namibia has made long-lasting impressions and the entire team is still dreaming about Africa’s beauty.

Jersey dress by LOOXENT art. no. 102502, jersey dress by LAURÈL art. no. 122450

We have captured the most beautiful “desert flowers” in our fashion. Take for instance the comfortable jersey dress with the stunning, textured self-pattern and a defined, simple cut. Or take the Laurèl dress with enchantingly stylised flowers in the fashionable colours of mauve and stone.

Indoor jacket by RIANI art. no. 117567, top by RIANI art. no. 839277, blouse by RIANI art. no. 713198

In our upcoming blog we’ll tell you more about autumnal trends, captured in Namibia’s wild beauty.