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Twinsets are all-rounders that have never gone out of fashion. Whether paired with a feminine skirt or sporty jeans, a twinset is always a good choice.


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Women's twinsets – classic yet invariably modern

The twinset is a classic in women's fashion, and that not without reason: Read more... with a twinset, every woman is stylishly dressed. Twinsets are versatile and, depending on the items of clothing they are combined with, different every time. They are available either as a top and cardigan or light pullover and cardigan. Twinsets are therefore ideal both on warm summer evenings and in cooler autumn weather. While a high silk content is cool on the skin in the summer, luxurious cashmere and the finest cotton provide warmth in the autumn and winter. The two-piece nature is also advantageous: the tops, pullovers and jackets can be worn individually or combined with other items of clothing. What's more twinsets are also available in a variety of different cuts, designs and colours. Allowing for a new look to be created every single time. While a twinset with a shawl collar is particularly feminine, classic cardigans have a round neck. A unicoloured twinset can be worn at the office and twinsets with more extravagant designs in leisure time. With a twinset, a feminine, elegant outfit can be created that is at the same time not overly strict. Hence they make a good alternative to a blouse and blazer ensemble. Twinsets are more elegant than pullovers yet equally as comfortable.

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