Sioux: the style of the shoes with the Indian name is based on that of moccasins, leading to shoes offering high wear comfort and an optimal fit.


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SIOUX: a shoe legend

Shoes by Sioux offer the very best traditional shoemaking craftsmanship. Read more ... The shoes for women and men provide the optimal fit and ultimate wear comfort. In light of their durability, the moccasins, slippers, boots, ballerinas and pumps are not oriented to short-lived trends. Instead, Sioux shoes pursue timeless, balanced lines, which can always be harmoniously combined with the latest fashion trends. Shoes by Sioux therefore make wonderful companions – and that not just for one season. The diversity of shapes and timeless designs mean shoes by Sioux appeal to women and men of all ages.

Brand philosophy
Sioux only contents itself with the very best hence the company works ceaselessly to further improve its shoes. The soles with naps, "Grasshopper" natural form series and Easy-Going conception for the shoes for women and men are just a few examples of the innovative power of the Sioux brand. Precision craftsmanship and excellent materials always guarantee the top quality of Sioux shoes. Similar to the company's founding idea, the values of modern Sioux Indians are also symbols for the brand: freedom, craftsmanship and life in harmony with nature.

The brand name is no coincidence. Company founder Peter Sappers wished to produce comfortable shoes for women and men – and that entirely in the style of Indian moccasins. Thus he established the shoe factory in Walheim in the 1950s. The brand gained its Indian name in 1956. In 1998, Sioux took over the traditional Apollo brand and thus began production of top-quality shoes for men. Since 2006, Sioux has designed and produced shoes for Joop!.

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