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Redeeming offers

  • How can I redeem my voucher, promotional code word or extra item number online?

    To do so, please open your shopping bag on the Peter Hahn website. Underneath the list of selected items, you can redeem your personal voucher number, a promotional code word or extra item number (without spaces). The voucher amount will immediately be deducted from the purchase price of the items in the shopping bag. A special gift will also be shown in the shopping bag.

  • How can I redeem promotional offers from the Peter Hahn Newsletter?

    If you buy through the newsletter, your offers will as a rule show up automatically in your online shopping bag and reduce the purchase price of the items you have selected. You can also enter your offer "by hand" in the shopping bag or give it when ordering by phone. If you go shopping in one of our attractive Peter Hahn boutiques, just take a printout of the newsletter with you. Your offer will then be credited to you by one of our friendly sales team.

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