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Men's Trousers

Men's trousers in a range of cuts enable endless mix-and-match options: classic with a shirt and sports jacket or casual with a top and cardigan.

Men's Trousers

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Stylish men's trousers for all occasions

Trousers for men are available in countless different materials, cuts and colours, ensuring the perfect pair is available for every event and occasion. Read more ... Functional trousers are ideal for when enjoying hobbies and leisuretime. Trousers made from microfibre are breathable, water-repellent and quick-drying, and hence perfect for virtually any weather. Cargo trousers are available in both a long version and a short one as airy bermudas. The typical pockets offer plenty of space, making them great for hikes or gardening. Sporty-elegant chinos can be worn for work or leisure. They typically feature a lower waist, two diagonally cut side pockets and buttoned back flap pockets. Pair chinos with a polo shirt or long-sleeved top for a sporty look, or wear with a pullover or shirt for stylish chic. Their versatility makes these men's trousers a trendy alternative to jeans. Pleated-waist trousers are classic, stylish office wear. Similar to cargo trousers, they feature diagonally cut side pockets, however the pleated waist and pre-pressed creases lend greater elegance. These elegant trousers are mostly made from cotton or new wool. For a sporty look, opt gfor pleated-waist trousers made from cord or in a denim look. To allow men to also dress with style in the summer months, pleated-waist trousers are also available as bermudas. A casual look can be created with these shorts when they are paired with a short-sleeved shirt and moccasins.

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