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Lloyd shoes are the perfect fashionable, comfortable footwear. The elegant leather shoes can be harmoniously combined with classic business fashion.


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LLOYD: 120 years of uncompromising quality

The brand looks back on an eventful and successful 120-year history. Read more ... The skill and knowledge acquired over the years is used to create comfortable shoes for women and men. Lloyd shoes are characterised by craftsman traditions yet also remain focused on the future hence they impress with modern designs and unbelievably high levels of comfort. Dividing stitches or elegant Budapest perforations often adorn the leather shoes by this traditional brand. Sporty trainers, classic black styles and comfortable leisurewear all feature in the range by Lloyd.

Brand philosophy
High quality, the optimal fit and contemporary designs – these are the maxims of the Lloyd brand. With honesty and commitment, the team in Sulingen continues to pursue the dream of the brand's founder, H. F. Meyer: to create the perfect shoe. As in the past, pioneering work is achieved in terms of the modernity and comfort. This applies to both the Lloyd shoes for women as well as to those for men.

The brand has its origins in the shoe factory established by H. F. Meyer in 1888. Since 1942, the company has been perfecting the manufacture of quality shoes for women and men in Sulingen. Lloyd shoes have featured their distinctive hallmark red stripe on the heel since 1968. One year later, the "Romeo" and "Juliet" twin shoes – the first ever his and hers shoe range – was brought onto the market. In 1983, the growing popularity of trainers led Lloyd to begin producing leisure footwear. The "Rocky" was among the brand's first leisure shoes. From 2001, women's shoes were also once again produced in Sulingen after a 30-year hiatus.

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