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Langani has long been inspired by zeitgeist, the latest fashion trends and art, hence the brand's jewellery is contemporary and surprises each time anew.


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LANGANI: imaginative fashion jewellery simply brimming with inspiration

The black beads are the distinguishing feature of the Langani brand. Read more ... They are synonymous with the uniqueness of each piece of jewellery. The enchanting, distinctive jewellery by Langani is made from metal, glass beads, wax beads and metal or glass figures. A variety of styles leads to a varied collection of jewellery that lends every outfit a personal touch. Necklaces featuring striking large baubles, playful chokers and long filigree chains: each Langani necklace has its own unique allure. Bracelets, bangles and earrings in all shapes and lengths in matching colours and styles provide a harmonious complement to a woman’s overall look.

Brand philosophy
Langani jewellery is made by hand and offers distinctive elegance thanks to a discerning awareness of the latest trends and colour combinations, sparing use of materials and love of detail. The style is versatile and inspired by nature, contemporary art and graphic elements.

1978 etablieren Margarethe und Wolfgang Ley die Marke Laurèl als Nebenlinie zu Escada. 1992, nach dem Tod Margarethe Leys, erfolgt zunächst die Neuorientierung der Marke, drei Jahre später stellt sich das neue Designteam vor. 2003 ist wieder ein wichtiges Jahr für Laurèl: Mit dem neuen Markenkonzept erhält Laurèl ein neues, zeitgemäßes Gesicht. Es spiegelt die typische Laurel-Kundin wider: unabhängig, smart und authentisch.

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