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L. Credi

The versatile L. Credi bags allow every woman to express their own individual style, offering the perfect accessory to complement every look.

L. Credi

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L. CREDI: bags for every style – from unostentatious to extravagant

L. Credi bags – the range includes exclusive purses, clutches, purse bags and tote bags made from top-quality leather. Read more ... Pure forms and chic, minimalistic elegance dominate the style. The focus of all collections by L. Credi is on the natural material of leather. It is processed in such a way that its natural allure is always retained, with new effects created time and time again at the same time: matt or smooth, in vibrant colours, with shimmering surfaces, two-tone designs, an embossed crocodile or ostrich design. L. Credi combines impressive designs with functionality: all imaginable sizes and shapes, and intelligent inner and outer compartments (e.g. the safety compartment and key chain) make it easy for women to find the perfect handbag.

Brand philosophy
Bags that always harmonise perfectly with a woman's individual style are the aim of the L. Credi accessories brand. Hence the focus of bags by L. Credi is not on short-lived fashion trends. Instead, timeless elements are combined to create versatile bag collections. Each handbag is lovingly created largely by hand – from the design through to final completion.

L. Credi – Peugler GmbH was established in 1953 and the L. Credi brand launched in 1985. Italian designers have been responsible for design of the company's bags since its founding, with the bags subsequently produced in Italy or the Far East. The accessories label's product range includes classic bags for work, elegant clutches for the evening, and top-quality purses in a variety of styles as well as tote bags for everyday use.

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