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Jeans began their rise to success as workers' clothing, and today they are at the top of the popularity scale. A well-fitting pair of jeans is a must-have garment, no matter what your age. The fascination jeans have is based on their figure-hugging cut and the sturdy denim. Their versatility makes them an expression of individual personality.

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Jeans: the fascination of blue cloth

There have been a quite a few developments since the invention of jeans in 1870. In countless cuts, pre-wash designs and colours, these legendary trousers have since then conquered the fashion world. These days, jeans are often made in finer fabrics instead of the sturdy denim material. In this way, the popular one-time workmen's trousers have even become established as business clothing. But apart from the material, it is the perfect fit that is always the decisive factor for jeans. Various cuts make sure the fit is right, independently of size and figure. This way, everyone can find his or her perfect jeans. Classics such as the bootcut are always modern. But jeans too are subject to changing trends. The latest styles of jeans for women are the close-fitting slim fit jeans, emphasising slender silhouettes. The opposite, but equally trendy style is found in the comfortable boyfriend jeans. These sit casually on the hips and look as if they had been bought one or two sizes too big. They are ideal for all types of figures. For men, bootcut and 5-pocket jeans with slightly more slender legs are the latest style. Well-known women's jeans brands also stand out with innovative, figure-shaping cuts in soft super stretch denim. We can thank the versatility of the typical jeans fabric for the fact that denim is now used for many other garments: fans of this blue material can find it in skirts, jackets, shirts and blouses.

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